Problem: Bathroom Moisture

Steamed up mirrors, wet walls, slippery floors, paint damage, mould & mildew all caused by steam

Solution: Showerdome

Now you can do away with these costly problems, make your bathroom drier & healthier by simple installing a Showerdome

A dome for your home

The Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that is fitted to an existing shower cubicle to prevent steam from forming in the bathroom. This simple, stylish bathroom accessory eliminates steam from the bathroom completely. Say goodbye to bathroom moisture damage.
Bathroom interior. green tiles and cabin with shawer.
DIY shower dome installation
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Where does the steam go?

That’s an easy one, there isn’t any. Steam is only created when you mix warm moist air, with cold air. Showerdome is the barrier between those two air masses, which means no steam in your shower or your bathroom.

Installation or DIY

When you order your Showerdome you can get our expert team to come down and install it for you or if you want to do it yourself we will provide easy to follow instructions to quickly create a warmer, drier bathroom.
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Put a dome in your home

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shower dome in a green tiled bathroom
No Steam Ever Again!
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