You wont notice your showerdome but you will notice the benefits

Having a Showerdome means more than just eliminating bathroom steam. A steam-free bathroom will save you time and money and will create a more pleasant showering experience. Create a warmer, drier bathroom and a healthier home, all with an invention that was born right here in New Zealand.
Bathroom with shower dome

Your all-purpose bathroom saver

Steam is more than just a minor inconvenience. This seemingly innocuous gas drives up water use and energy consumption and it chews up your time. Here’s how the Showerdome can save for you.

Reduce energy use by removing the need for heated mirrors, towel rack, extractor fans and dehumidifiers. A warmer environment means less work for your shower too.

Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the damage caused to your bathroom and surrounding areas by steam.
Switch to a water conserving model without worrying about a lower quality shower, reducing water costs. All of this saves time and money for you!

Creating a healthier home

The answer to how the Showerdome can protect your family is simple.
Remove the presence of moulds, mildew and fungi promoted by steam without having to introduce strong cleaning chemicals to the environment.
Improve air quality by eliminating the mould that travel in the air.
Reduce the risk of slipping and falling due to excess moisture.
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shower dome clear
Bathroom with shower dome

Enjoy the shower experience

Of course, the ultimate reason to have a shower is to cleanse and relax. The Showerdome helps to create that environment by making your bathroom drier, warmer, shower warmer because the heat is kept in and there no cold draughts from running an extractor fan.
Enjoy a safer, cheaper shower experience with Showerdome.
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